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Updated January 2nd 2021 - read in 5 min

Why having a search bar on your website is SO important?

When you've got a visitor on your website, it's so important to get the content they want in front of them quickly!

People in 2021 and more have a very limited attention span. So, as a website owner, you want to serve them really really fast.

Category links, related contents, beautiful pictures and catchy headlines is usually the foundation of your visitors journey.

But is it enough?

If they come from an ad:

If they come from an ad, they may or may not be searching for a particular product. In that case, the traditional website structure - menu, categories, subcategories, related contents - makes or breaks the customer experience.

The way customers browse your online store: they search by category...

They take a quick look on what you have to offer. If the product page is good and enticing, and depending on your niche, the visitor may make a compulsive buy.

If they come from search:

If they come from search, you know there's a genuine interest on their end. Either around a particular product. Or the niche you're in in itself.

They're looking for SOMETHING.

It's not like they're wandering with no goal on your website.

They browse with "some" end in mind.

And this is where having a search bar on your website is important.

If your visitor is looking for a particular "thing" and you have no search bar on your website, you may lose him! He or she may bounce.

Of course, the menu can help. But people are extremely impatient nowadays. Especially when we search for something specific.

It can be particular type of viking ring, phone case, a trendy word, even a product name that's in their mind!

So is a menu the best way to find that quickly on the website?

It may. Or it may slow discovery down...

You ALREADY have a search bar on your website, so you think that's ok... But you may lose a lot of visitors!

Do you already have a search bar on your website?

Usually the CMS or theme you're using has a default search bar.

But it rarely offers a good search experience...

Oftentimes it's hidden in the menu. Or a very small search icon has to be clicked to open the search bar text input...

In that case, the vast majority of the visitors won't use the search at all.

Again, like I said previously, some people don't know what they're looking for. In that case, that's okay, no real need for a search bar. Even though it might help them if there's an inspiring search bar on your website... We're going to talk about that below.

But THERE ARE people who would like to search by keywords! They've got a few ideas in mind and they'd like to test your content against these...

But even them won't use your existing default search...


Because either they don't SEE it. As simple as that.

The icon might be "hidden". Or it might be too small.

Or they don't want to click on it... because one it's one click (it creates friction), and two their experience with search bars on other websites in the past was awfull.

But you can have better than this...

A fast typo-tolerant search box may also have a POSITIVE impact on your conversion rate.

It may increase your sales by five to ten percents, depending on how many webpages you have and how hard it is for a visitor to find something on your website currently...

That's why there is a BIG opportunity on your website to...

Better serve visitors who are looking for something specific...

Imagin a search bar like this:

Here's a demo on how FastFinder.io can help you improve conversion rate on your store...

FastFinder.io is a search-as-you-type search bar for your website.

By default, when unused, it contains a few words to get users inspired...

You can choose words they wouldn't think of in the first place! Interesting words you have somewhere in your content, but not in the category menu.

So they try to type in a first keyword in the search bar... And they get INSTANT results! In just a few milliseconds.

Depending on the way you setup the search parameters, it may or may not contain pictures.

FastFinder does that for you. It's a mobile-friendly instant search bar.

But that's not all!

It has typo-tolerance.

What does that mean exactly?

It means that, even if the word that's typed contains an error or two, relevant results will appear!
That's a typical flaw that default search bars have on WordPress or many Shopify themes for example.

When you type in a word in those basic search bars, one it has to be perfect - no typo error - two, you usually have to press the Enter key or click the small magnifying glass icon and three, you've got to WAIT FOR the page to load to get the results!

So default search bars are typically very slow and...

... it usually shows a "No result" page if there's a typo! Which is not a good search experience at all.

In case of "no result", they might leave. And you potentially lose the sale.

A quick note about the custom Google search bar:

Also called the Programmable Search Engine by Google, or custom google search widget, this widget is search box for your website too...

The difference with FastFinder.io?

It's not fast in the sense that it's NOT a search-as-you-type experience.

By default, it includes other sites in the search results... which may not be what you want.

And it can even show ads! But if you don't want that, it costs $5 per thousand queries, which can add up to a lot of money when you have a significant number of visitors.

On the contrary, FastFinder.io gives you an unlimited number of search queries.

Also you need a developer to setup the Google widget on your website, which costs you more money.

What if you could add a much better search bar to your website?

You could save a lot of visits each day... Visits that would have transform into a bounce otherwise...

FastFinder helps you do this effectively. With FastFinder.io, here's what you get...

FastFinder.io, a simple search bar for your website

FastFinder.io is a simple search bar you can add to your website. It can be a Shopify store, a WooCommerce, or any website with a sitemap really.

If you have a sitemap, FastFinder is able to crawl your webpages and index the text content quickly.

You could also add FastFinder to a member website, if you have a membership site. For example if you sell courses, video tutorials or private directories.

This search bar software works best for online courses, if you're a coach, trainer or teacher.

It's also perfect if you are an online store owner, whether it's on Shopify, WordPress + WooCommerce, Magento... etc or your own store.

In every case, FastFinder.io helps your users find content quickly and easily.

By content I mean blog posts, product pages, directory pages...

Now visitors can find contents VERY QUICKLY! All this from keywords they type in in the FastFinder search bar on your website.

In addition to the website menu, it helps them access contents in a different way: using keywords.

Websites like Amazon, Facebook... all have a good search bar!
Also, high-performing online stores usually have a good search bar that lets users find by keywords or price...

FastFinder.io lets you do that too!
So here is what you get with FastFinder.io:

✔ A mobile-friendly search bar that's fast and works well on desktop as well,

✔ No need to press "Enter", search results show up instantly AS THEY TYPE,

✔ In 2 or 3 seconds, the customer has a glimpse of a lot of what you have to offer!

Services, products, titles or ideas you have on your website. Contents that they wouldn't see otherwise!

Your visitor has a glimpse of a lot of your otherwise-hidden content while typing...!

Not only the customer is going to stay on your website because he or she discovers ideas, products, sentences that get her inspired.

But also you'll probably sell more of your products or services because they're SEEN. People get a chance to actually see the value you have to offer. Even if the website visit duration is short. They may come back because, again, the search-as-you-type experience lets them explore a lot more than if they browse normally clicking links.

Here is what you get with FastFinder.io too:

Unlimited search, you're not limited by the number of queries your visitors make,

Synonyms so that "tshirt" is processed the same way as "teeshirt" for example,

Filters and sliders to be able to compare by price, date range or even search within a specific category,

✔ You also have analytics to help you know what users are looking for, you can improve the content from the data to better fit their needs.

So, are you ready to boost your conversion rate?

Click the button below to start your free trial now:

Do you have a question about FastFinder.io? How to use it in your case? Can it work for you? Please send us an email at support@fastfinder.io.